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Sept body count:  6 killed (5 by gunshot) / 20 wounded. August score:     53 killed / 358 shot. As bodies pile up around his feet,  Obama’s smart-ass operative,  – who has been Mayor of Chicago since 2011,  – is NOT running for re-election in Feb 2019.  With his sanctuary city and anti-police policies,  Emanuel has […]

Thumbing his nose at President Trump may come back to bite Mayor Rahm Emanuel – maybe when Chicago is buried this winter. Meanwhile Emanuel probably feels like a ‘Big Man’ taking this posture.

Next Tuesday Obama will deliver his long-awaited ‘farewell address’.  He says George Washington set the precedent.   He’s flying to Chicago to deliver it. He’ll have LOTS of Secret Service protection as he re-enters the old war zone….

Moody’s just downgraded Chicago to Baa2 – barely above junk bond status. This places four (4) or their interest-swap agreements in danger,  – to the tune of $58 Million. But of course it’s really worse.  Chicago is holding interest-swap agreements totaling $2.7 BILLION…because they have unfunded pension liabilities of $32 BILLION. Gee, how’d this happen…?

The Democrat / Teacher Union betrayal of a generation… How…?   Why…?

Principal warns kids not to hang around – six (6) nearby shootings in last 48 hours. REMEMBER:  Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the nation! Mayor Rahm Emanuel is a personal friend of Obama. And the White House says…?

Chicago: City Of Tough Gun Laws

September 20th, 2013

Tough gun laws [ which don’t stop the bad guys ] – and ruthless drug cartels claiming turf. UPDATE:  25 Sept 2013   Three gang members