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We can only PRAY for Boston’s new Police Commissioner, and wish him great success. He’s taking on a thankless job – with one hand tied behind his back,  – by the Mayor,  – the Governor, – and the Legislature. It was January 1930 when Boston’s LAST REPUBLICAN MAYOR stepped down – 88½ years ago…

I’ve known this fine young man for years – he is always there when Liberals are trying to trample our rights, – and when crooks running for public office need to be faced down. Imagine my anguish to learn that as a result of Mayor Marty Walsh’s unfounded lies,  – Brandon had lost his job.  […]

Marty,  are you ready to handle “BIG CITY” problems yet?  You’ve had 3½ years to get ready…. The so-called “FREE SPEECH” movement is coming to Boston – the same folks who were in Charlottesville, Virginia this past Saturday.   You can bet the Soros-funded “anti-FA” thugs are coming too. Soros wants to stir up civil chaos.

It’s still early in 2017,  but Walsh is leading the pack of Democrat Hypocrites with his pissing and moaning about too many POT buyers coming into his town. Wasn’t it just in February when Walsh was challenging Donald Trump’s executive orders,…offering to let illegals be sheltered in his Sanctuary City – and sleep in City […]

None So Blind As Walsh And Warren

December 13th, 2016

“None is so blind as he who will not see…”   Boston’s mayor and MassHole’s senior senator have both lived through 9/11,  through the Marathon Bombing,  through Fort Hood,  San Bernardino, Chattanooga,  the Pulse Nightclub,  the Paris Massacre,  Bastille Day in Nice,….how much more evidence do they need? Yet there they were – pandering to an […]

This past Wednesday night, Oct 12th, a troubled wanna-be cop armed with a shotgun proved that the cops are right, – and Mayor Walsh and his pet Garden Gnome are wrong! Out-gunned, they were damn near killed in cold blood!

Mayor Marty Walsh and his Garden Gnome have a hot grueling summer ahead of them.  It’s a political year,  and Boston is a target city for Muslim jihadists,  Black Lives Matter activists,  and the usual variety of inner-city drug-gang murders. With under 2,200 cops,  less than a dozen trained dogs,  and already under scrutiny for failing […]

Boston drug dealer Grant Headley – prior convictions for selling drugs and gun possession – paroled early and back at the family business – shot a Boston cop this morning. At the news conference Mayor Marty Walsh blames….“too many guns”.… Dumbocrats never learn…. The cop? Bad leg wound – should survive.

“She’s the best-qualified candidate in my opinion that’s running for office right now,  with the challenges that our country faces,” And with those words Boston Mayor Walsh flung his personal honor and the storied city he represents under Hillary’s campaign bus…because the Democratic Machine [aka Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and George Soros] say so….

Marty Walsh Can’t Buy A Gun?

August 14th, 2015

The young mayor with the most politically correct and socially attuned police force in the nation has a murder problem on his hands,  – and his top cop looks more like a garden gnome than a crime-fighter. Now his gun buy-back program only pulled in one lone gat?  What could possibly be going wrong?