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Was Sotomayor’s refusal to take up the plea from the NYC Teachers a sign of personal laziness,  – or a signal the Court doesn’t want to be stuck playing doctor? De Blasio seems free to continue ruling by decree…

Do we need smaller hospital ships – or smaller hoaxes? Between the anti-Trump theatrics of Governor Cuomo and the bellowing communist hyperbole of failed presidential candidate Mayor Bill de Blasio,  NYC must have been expecting the sick and dying to start dropping in the streets and subways.

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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio – a lifelong communist,  – thinks he’s a KING!  He’s making HIS DREAM into the LAW,  – and doesn’t give a damn about what is a RIGHT,  – what is a PRIVILEGE ,  – what is PRIVATE PROPERTY,  – and which things are PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITES. We suspect the medical personnel […]

It was a great political moment – NY City’s commie mayor running from an angry Queens housewife…and it was all caught on video. He ~ thought ~ he was announcing sidewalk repairs.   It may well turn out to be the turning point in his re-election campaign!  2 short videos:

It’s like the Perfect Storm: the Communist Mayor ran for office on a race-baiting anti-NYPD platform.  He ended Stop-Question-&-Frisk.   Next he blamed all cops for the death of a lifetime street thug.  Predictably, shootings have skyrocketed; – the murder rate is up. Does de Blasio admit he was wrong?  Nah!   The mayor with the […]

Mayor Bill de Blasio runs up the Black Flag, – submits himself and the city schools to Islam. Their technique is 1400 years old.  Infiltrate,…send a few as ‘refugees’.  But cling to the old ways, – the ancient hatreds, – and refuse to assimilate.  Have at least six children, – a dozen is better. Help […]

Re-appoints liberal judge Laura Johnson – who FREED black gang member who’d posted death threats against cops…. Devon Coley – 18 – was arrested for threatening the NYPD. He’d posted on Facebook the photo of a thug shooting into a police car – with the words “73Nextt”.  The 73rd Precinct station is in his neighborhood. […]

You created this HELL Bill,…enjoy it! At every step – every decision point in your life – you chose to embrace Socialism,  Communism,  and revolution. You utterly rejected our Constitution, Capitalism, Free Enterprise, and police officers enforcing the Law. You ran for office as a race-baiter and a cop-baiter.

On duty,  cops have to remain quietly non-political. Their union is under no such restraint! Most NYPD officers are quietly seething at Mayor de Blasio’s remarks – when he told his half-black teenage son Dante to “be wary of the Police”.  Now the PBA is striking back – telling the mayor NOT to attend police […]