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It is said that California no longer puts their mentally disturbed people in asylums.  Instead, they dress ’em up and send them East to Congress. She is 81, – has been on government payrolls since 1973,  – and has been in Congress since 1991. 

Our Nation – founded by Visionaries,  – now infested by morons.

She wants you White People to make up for slavery;  wants the government to start handing out FREE STUFF! Can you see the evil hand of George Soros inching us toward an ugly civil war? UPDATE:   Sat, 2 March 2019    Bloody Mike becomes a Lobbyist!

Atkins: What a STUD! 28 years old and still cribbing at GrandMa’s place.

It’s been a long 10 years since the upstart senator pushed the wrinkled hag aside and packed 84,000 worshipful fans into Mile High Stadium in Denver to hear about his vision of “Hope and Change”… It could be said that not since Hitler in 1933 has one man been able to hoodwink so many people […]

She hates white men, Republicans, and Donald Trump! 2½ minutes of raging lunatic MoonBat if full bloom!

Utter desperation,  – likely an attempt to gin up dwindling contributions,  the DNC under Tom Perez just sued the Trump Campaign for “Russian Interference” – in the Manhattan Federal District Court. Yeah,  they’re counting on a de Blasio voter packed jury!

She’s been a one-trick pony all her life – a race-baiting poverty pimp;  – and she’s still hard at it. Brief video and commentary below: 

She’s 79,  – in Congress for these past 26 years,  and she’s had moments where her faculties are in question.  This lifelong socialist race-baiter has been fixated on impeaching Trump since January 20th. Her brain is too filled with racism to separate Fake News from FACTS,  – and she fully believes the worst.  The problem […]

Who’s Got What On Barney Frank?

November 28th, 2011

Barney retiring because ‘he doesn’t like campaigning and fundraising’? You’re buying that? The Crown Prince of Gay America will hang up his chance to become Speaker of the House – and turn leadership of the Financial Services Committee over to Maxine Waters? Because he doesn’t want to campaign in some new towns? I‘m not buying […]