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Matt Lauer was only 9 years old that fateful February day when America’s beloved Uncle Walter delivered his pompous and totally skewed analysis on the war in Vietnam. He was terribly wrong,  and he cost America our self respect,  – and cost the peoples of Vietnam and Cambodia unspeakable horrors.  The arrogance of sexual predators […]

Her dear friend Matt Lauer was tossing NERF BALL QUESTIONS,  – so why did she need somebody to feed her answers? The so-called “Smartest Woman in the World” can’t think on her feet?

Puke-worthy!  Listen as Libturd NBC TV host Matt Lauer asks Donald Trump to have Republicans ‘tone down their rhetoric’…. Does he think he’s a reporter, – the host of an entertainment show, – or a self-appointed referee of political discussion? Can you see the liberal story line developing?  Short clip below:

Obama sycophant Matt Lauer on NBC Today begs General Colin Powell to back Obama again, – as he did in 2008. The General seems a tad reticent. Maybe ODS [Obama Disenchantment Syndrome]?