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Good Morning Readers, I have agonized over this entry for weeks.  It’s the one I didn’t want to have to write.  But if you are to believe me on anything,  then I must tell the truth – the whole truth as I know it – every time.  Even when it would be far far easier […]

Translation: “I am just so important!! I get to question a 4-Star General!! I will read a series of prepared statements to McChrystal [who will listen with stony resolve while clenching his toes under the desk] and ask some prepared questions which I don’t fully understand. I won’t understand his answers – but I’ll be seen on C-SPAN.”

Niki Tsongas Is Chatty Cathy

September 11th, 2009

Remember the early ’60s?  Elvis was King,  the White House was Camelot,  and little girls playing with their favorite high-tech toy – Chatty Cathy.  Teenage Niki Tsongas undoubtedly had one. Chatty had a pull cord in her back.  When pulled she would ‘speak’ a series of pre-programmed phrases.  Today Niki Tsongas is Chatty Cathy.  During the […]

Hello Americans! My Congresswoman – Niki Tsongas of the Mass 5th is holding a series of Tell-a-fluff and Town Hall meetings to explain her position on ObamaCare.  She’s running into some pretty stiff and outspoken resistance from her constituents, – and her handling of us is very revealing. In her telephone conference call,  – people […]