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The Commonwealth has been obsessed with skin color ratios for at least 4 decades.  Color MATTERED!  Credentials, competence,  and character?   Not so much… The incompetence,  the cover-up,  and the lying UNDER OATH went on for years before questions were asked,  and lab chemist Dookhan resigned,  – lied to investigators,  – and eventually served just 2½ […]

Wearing that new eagle on your shoulder is one thing,  – getting the JOB DONE is a whole ‘nuther animal.  How long does it take to investigate Scrub-Gate?  How many in the Chain of Command were involved in ordering the word ‘BLOWJOB‘ removed from the Judge Bibaud’s daughter’s drug arrest? It’s been 13 days since […]

Mary Beth Heffernan was an abysmal failure as Deval’s AA/EEO ExecSec of Public Safety.   After 50+ people had died,  he had to fire her.  So in consolation, – he made her a JUDGE! Now she’s let an already-deported illegal immigrant and known gang-banger free on a RAPE CHARGE – for just $2,500 cash bail – […]

It was a circus of the incompetent:  Deval Patrick,  JudyAnn Bigby,  MaryBeth Heffernan,   Annie Dookhan,…all unvetted AA/EEO hires….to include our First Black Governor! How badly did our former governor hate white people?

There is a specific way Democrats run a city,  and Tommy just blew it!   Democrats have run things here since 1930,  after Curley defeated Nichols and took office that January – 86 long years ago. After working all those years,  – holding all those election signs,  – did Tommy somehow fail to learn the Democrat’s […]

Will The FAT LADY Sing?

January 22nd, 2015

Looks like Charlie Baker is taking his new job seriously, – so unlike Duh-val Patrick. He has appointed 20-year career prosecutor [Middlesex and Worcester Counties] Daniel Bennett as his Executive Secretary of Public Safety. Will Andrea Cabral sing ‘MoonBat River’ as she waddles off Stage Left?

Why Liberals Can’t Govern

April 16th, 2013

They only want to see ‘the Good’, fail to fathom EVIL! Columbine – 9/11 – Virginia Tech – Tucson – Aurora – Newtown – Boston; – liberals failed us each time, – whether the madmen were insane students – or warped Islamist fanatics. None of these were ‘spur-of-the-moment’ rage killings.  They had all been planned […]

Names abject and utter failure – as a JUDGE! She blew it all, – the crime lab, – the drug compounding labs, – the moving violation she hired as Traffic Safety director, – her failed state police colonel, – the Adjutant General with a lingering felony charge, – the prison warden forced to resign, – […]

Experience not required, just external credentials! This may be as hard to follow as it is to believe:

No respect for us – or the Law, – our arrogant agenda-driven ?ber-liberal governor nominates his failed state hack to become a judge. MaryBeth Heffernan is the DISGRACED ‘Executive Secretary of Public Safety’ – a woman of perpetual poor judgment who proved many times she was too ill-informed to answer simple questions from citizens. 1. […]