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Even before Hurricane Katrina – New Orleans was slowly becoming another Democrat-run basket case. The city owes their firefighters $75 Million in back pay – PLUS $76 Million in interest. Judge Kern Reese is fed up! He has ordered Mayor Mitch Landrieu to start paying up – or face house arrest for the remaining 2 […]

Republican Cassidy crushes Louisiana Purchase by 56:44 Landrieu CRUSHED in runoff! Abraham (LA 5th) and Graves (LA 6th) both won their races 2:1 too… A really bad night for Obama!

18 years leading the Beautiful Life in the swirl of Washington DC Cocktail Society,  and now she has no friends left back home in Louisiana. Seems folks remember – bitterly – when she sold them out over ObamaCare – and made a national joke of herself as “The Louisiana Purchase!” The runoff election there is tomorrow – […]

Why won’t President Obama help us? Perhaps the clearest and most incisive voice of 2014,…and beyond!  The Louisiana runoff election for US Senate (Landrieu vs Cassidy), – and for their 6th Congressional District (Edwards vs Graves) will take place this Saturday – December 6th.

Harry Reid permits meaningless ‘gesture’ to save her political career, – knowing all along he had enough votes [including 4 lame ducks] to stop it. Left-wing enviro-wack jobs prove decisively that they’re perfectly OK with importing oil from murderous Arabs. Don’t look for a thread of reason or common sense, – there isn’t any. Think […]

Only a woman as out-of-touch as Washington Entertainer Mary Landrieu could turn a friendly Chuck Todd interview into a campaign screw-up! Todd was there to make her look good; – but she puts down her own voter base as racist and sexist. We can only hope that this time Louisianan voters have had enough of […]

Simple, eloquent, and hard-hitting….and all facts… …makes you wonder what he says about Obama…. What Elbert says of Mary Landrieu could be said about Deval Patrick, – or almost any elected Democrat… To them Blacks are merely votes – kept on the voter plantation by the enslavement of welfare…

Ask Mary Landrieu About ISIS

September 21st, 2014

Mary shows us where her priorities are… Please Louisiana – vote responsibly this time!

Three-term US Senator Mary Landrieu has a residency problem? One of her Republican challengers has filed a complaint with the Louisiana Secretary of State – claiming that she no longer lives in Louisiana. Louisiana has what is called a ‘Jumbo Primary‘ – aka a ‘Jungle Primary‘, – where all candidates appear on the same ballot on […]

A Republican Grandma explains why ‘Global Warming’ is a HOAX, – why Progressives are using it to control our lives, – as they ruin our economy and our way of life. Lenar Marie Ledet Whitney was elected to the Louisiana House in 2010 – and is an outspoken lifelong Conservative. This video – – under 5 minutes […]