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Mary Beth Heffernan was an abysmal failure as Deval’s AA/EEO ExecSec of Public Safety.   After 50+ people had died,  he had to fire her.  So in consolation, – he made her a JUDGE! Now she’s let an already-deported illegal immigrant and known gang-banger free on a RAPE CHARGE – for just $2,500 cash bail – […]

Are Bad Things Happening In Prison? The tiniest chirp of an announcement: Warden Anthony Mendonsa – just recently appointed to head the huge Souza-Baranowski prison in Shirley, has been relieved ‘pending investigation’ and will retire on June 30th. Mary Beth Heffernan and Sandra McCroom have their hands full inventing cover stories. Corrections Commissioner Luis Spencer may […]

I love ’em, but it’s been a tough couple of months for our 2000 Mass State Troopers. The headlines have been awful. Details below the fold. It’s WAY PAST TIME for NEW LEADERSHIP! Hey, call me old fashioned – or even a Jurassic throwback, but I think Law Enforcement Leadership should be no-nonsense hard-ass cops […]

   Another American is DEAD – thanks to Governor Deval Patrick! Another of Massachusetts’ 160,000 illegal immigrants has killed one of us. Matthew Denice 23 years old, of Milford, struck, dragged, and killed by Nicholas Gauman, a drunken 34-year old illegal from Ecuador who just 39 days ago Deval Patrick said it would be ‘racist‘ […]

Tornadoes And Politicians

June 1st, 2011

We had a couple of mean little tornadoes cut across southern Massachusetts this afternoon. So far four people are dead. Our prayers are with them and their families, and with the many families who lost homes and businesses. Now our citizens will see if their elected Democrats are up to the task. Deval Patrick was […]

         Apologies to the song of the 60s, but last night in Chelsea was another eye-opener.    One of our own RTC and TP members (name withheld) was too intimidated by the thought of Chelsea that she wouldn’t come alone. I met her at the cinema in Woburn and she rode in with […]

Loving Illegals In Lawrence

April 3rd, 2011

Your humble RRB crew traveled to Lawrence High School yesterday to attend the third is a series of ‘hearings’ on the Secure Communities Program.  Once again the irresponsible attitudes and partisan behavior of Deval Patrick’s Administration were on display. So was the in-your-face arrogance of the illegal immigrant community and their MoonBat backers.