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Now Marty can stop worrying about Boston’s murder rate!

They ran for elected office “to serve the People…”  It was always a lie. Democrats run for office to get dictatorial POWER,  – to enrich themselves,  – and to force others to live according to THEIR visions.  And,…sometimes for ego and revenge.

Imagine a Democrat Mayor of a large American (Democrat) city objecting to his police chief meeting with the US Attorney General?   What on Earth could the Big PussyCrat be afraid of?   Maybe a little corruption investigation? Maybe the squashing of Free Speech?  Maybe our 2nd Amendment?   Maybe “Sanctuary Cities”?  Maybe his corrupt union contributors?  Marty,  do […]

You could easily fall victim Rachael.  Is THIS a case for your “Restorative Justice”?  Does the victim get a vote? Under DemoCraps,  Boston is fast becoming Newark and Chicago!

Can we get a little “Restorative Justice” here Ms. Rollins?  Maybe send these wayward shooters back to school for some classes in Trigonometry,  – to improve their aim…?   We’d like to avoid over-crowding our hospitals Ma’am… In keeping with Boston’s long sad history of embracing liberal ideas – and turning them into Public Policy,…how will […]

Bodies will be dropping,  – and the Democrat Mayor and his Garden Gnome Police Commissioner are ready with their usual excuses: “Too many GUNS running wild on our streets!” The Propaganda Ministry – even the once-honest Boston Herald – are playing right along.

Is Boston suddenly doing so well they can afford to send Marty on a China junket? All year we’ve been hearing that the Boston School System was facing a $50 MILLION shortfall.

Two Amateurs And A Runt

December 30th, 2014

Gawd Help Boston – on First Night, – and during the Summer of 2015! The People have Spoken!    They wanted a couple of amateurs to protect them from EVIL – because they thought EVIL would never come to Boston…  Now they’ve seen the truth, and their runt of a top cop is begging the […]