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How delicious!  Jeff Robbins – a high-priced white collar lawyer specializing in complex civil cases proposes to lecture us – on “American Values”…? Jeff,  do YOUR personal “American Values” allow strangers to enter your home on Shade Street in Lexington?  How many uninvited Mexican families are living with you there Jeff?

If Hillary is pissed at Sanders tonight,  she must be ready to arkancide O’Malley.  The rainwater taxing Maryland dipshit with the goofy look is still denying both Hillary and Sanders a clear victory. Just 27% of registered Kentucky Democrats turned out,  – a clear statement of voter disinterest.  Of those who showed up,  – 5,719 […]

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades…. Former socialist governor of Maryland, – Martin “Rainwater” O’Malley failed to qualify for the March Primary ballot – coming up way short of valid signatures.   He probably got “Clintoned”….

Democrats Test-Market New Logo

August 28th, 2015

The DNC is meeting in Minneapolis to discuss debate formats and schedules, – since there are actually challengers to their Crown Princess… Almost unnoticed in the fray is their new Circle D logo – not unlike a cattle brand out of the Old West. Martin ‘Rainwater’ O’Malley is upset;  – he says the debate schedule […]

Left-wing ex-Baltimore mayor, ex-Maryland governor announced today he’s in the race to succeed Obama….He has to challenge the “Heir-Apparent” Hillary Clinton for the Democrat Nomination. On the EXACT day he announced, Baltimore recorded its 40th homicide – yet another young Black man gunned down,  while six police officers face homicide charges,  and city cops are […]

Martin O’Malley has been Governor of Maryland since January 2007.  He is also Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association.  Watch as Obama screws up his name – twice.  He just met with him for 75 minutes Saturday!  Must be tough remembering the names of ‘all 57’ governors, particularly the ones so far from Washington DC […]