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Day after day,  night after night,  Portland cops are faced with anarchy, violence, and insurrection.  Their über-liberal mayor refuses to call for federal help,  as does hard-left Governor Kate Brown. The three City Councilors (the witches from MacBeth) are hard-core commies who have already voted to defund the police,  and County Attorney Schmidt is a Soros stooge […]

Aging Racebaiter Stirs The Pot

August 14th, 2014

At 74 – Georgia Congressman John Lewis demands Obama decree Martial Law in Ferguson. Because there are only three (3) Black cops there? After 27 years in Congress, he ~ should ~ have a clue about the legal implications of either a state governor or the president declaring martial law. (video below the fold) Not […]

Will Our Own Soldiers Shoot Us?

January 27th, 2013

This thing is scary! It began as an internet rumor, and it’s taken on legs. Liberals will scoff. They scoffed in 1932 Germany too. Video is 21 minutes – you should watch it!  Doctor Garrow connects the dots for you. The first rumblings occurred in 2009,…