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Martha Coakley Needs A New Gig

September 25th, 2019

The old Democrat whore quit her day job in April and signed on as a lobbyist,  – to convince the Trump Administration that vaping was a safe alternative to smoking.  But kids were getting deathly sick,  – and some were dying. Will Foley Hoag take her back,…or will she go to work for the Squaw?  […]

Two Utterly EVIL Women!

October 24th, 2014

Listen to Hillary put down Free Enterprise:

Martha Coakley proves she’s an Equal Opportunity KleptocRAT, – she took campaign money from a company she’s supposed to be watching! By law,  Coakley as our AG is supposed to be our consumer watchdog over public providers – like National Grid. I guess buying yard signs and air time is more important right now? And this […]

The Liar Of Benghazi Is Coming!

October 17th, 2014

Because ~ somehow ~ our “See No Evil” Attorney General is running scared of the Fake Republican…? So next Friday Hillary – a lifetime liar and commie – will come to Boston to campaign for Martha.  It wouldn’t be happening if Hillary wasn’t already running for president. She killed Vince Foster and 4 Americans in […]

America’s Impeached Serial Horndog endorses Coakley – again. Because he’s such a champion of Women’s Issues!?! How badly can she be trailing,…and how stupid does she think Massachusetts Democrats are…?

NOTHING says “I care about Women’s Issues” louder than bringing in America’s HornDog – the serial predator, office romancer, adulterer, impeached liar and disbarred attorney – to come speak on your behalf. Just ask Congressman David Jolly from the Florida 13th CD – after Bubba came and fondled Democrat Alex Sink in public.

Ouch!  Those BIG $$ Democrats prefer Charlie Baker? As Boston’s Big Money Democrats and celebrities dig deep for Charlie Baker, Coakley must be worried that soon the unions will jump ship too. Really, how much love can the average union worker or government employee have for Coakley? She’s done absolutely nothing to remove the corruption […]

Katie Prisco-Buxbaum: “Campaign finance laws?  Um, no thanks!” Isn’t it funny how big government Democrats never think laws and rules they’ve been part of passing – actually apply to them? So Ms. Katie is an up-and coming political wonk – a Democrat horse-holder working for Martha Coakley. Except, (Oops!) she’s legally working for Special Interest […]

Massachusetts Is SO Very Screwed!

September 21st, 2014

G’Bye Johnny Pockets!

September 9th, 2014

Iraq War veteran Marine Seth Moulton bumps 6th District Congressman John Tierney – soundly. Moulton proudly proclaims himself a Progressive, – so we hope that Richard Tisei can beat him. We’ve got enough Progressives [socialists] in Congress already.