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A product of Washington DC,  Parkhomenko is a twisted soul,  – deeply infatuated with Hillary.  He seems to need attention. Take notice DC Police Chief Peter Newsham;  Parkhomenko once graduated from your police academy,  and has a badge and a gun.  Given his unstable behavior,  – perhaps a review is in order?

Marsha is one of the most genteel and refined Southern Ladies to ever hold elected office, and she’s running against a dishonest anti-Gun Democrat. What political irony that a so-called neutral “search engine” decides that THEY will monitor what is acceptable for Americans to see.   Maybe doing so much business in Communist China has conditioned […]

Told Tennessee voters he would have voted FOR Kavanaugh;  – but his staff proves he’s just another Democrat Liar! Why can’t the Mainstream Media do this kind of reporting?

With RiNO Bob Corker ‘retiring’,  65-year old Marsha – who has been a super-solid Republican in the House since 2003,  is running for his seat. She’s won her last 8 elections with ass-stomping majorities,  and her Republican message has never wavered.