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Mark Levin: 7 Minutes Of Truth

September 27th, 2019

These are desperate times for the Left – they’re pulling out all the stops to scuttle Trump (they’d like to see him in prison) and have some Democrat – ANY Democrat win the White House in 2020 – along with the Senate. Video below the fold – worth your time:

Alas,  so many traitors;  – so few bullets…. Mark Levin runs down the names of the Deep State conspirators who are being shielded by the Mueller Investigation and the Media.  Six minutes of righteous fire!

The more we learn,…the madder we should be at the enabling media! Who are the biggest traitors, – the Obama Cartel, – or the media who helped get him elected by branding everyone who questioned his credentials as a “racist”?

Finally! Voices are finding the courage to speak the awful truth – that an enemy of Free People sits in our White House, – doing his best to support and fund evil murderers. While Obama and his Mini-Me Deval Patrick talk about illegal immigrants “children in a strange land”, – do you think you’ll hear a […]

New Jersey,   you vote Wednesday,   – and IT  MATTERS!!  New Jersey, if you think you can trust Democrats – just look at Sandy Hook and Newark.