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Liberals never learn…  Four years ago they brought a shredder,  – and while some ballots ‘disappeared‘,  – others appeared out of thin air.   Any wonder that Mark Fisher sued them?  And won! Charlie wants to be re-elected,  – and unwilling to stand on his Republican accomplishments – he had his hand-maiden Kirsten Hughes (aka […]

“Never attribute to stupidity that which can be adequately explained by RiNO malice!” Somehow,…somewhere,…the bankrupt MassGOP just ‘found’ $215K to finish paying off the Mark Fisher lawsuit.   Who put up that kind of cash…Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush?

Mark, you ran a clean campaign – you bucked the MassGOP RiNOcRATS to get your place on the ballot, – and you told the truth about yourself and your positions on key issues. Sadly you proved that in this state of shallow minds and short memories, looks will always triumph over scruples. Most Republicans, Conservative […]

A Most Disturbing Picture

September 1st, 2014

The front cover of the Boston Herald today – their lead story on a quiet Labor Day… What’s disturbing?  When the press – even the Herald – seems like they’re ‘in the bag’ for a bad candidate.  Only in this liberal cesspool could someone like Charlie Baker get away with calling himself ‘Republican’! He can’t […]

Power-Hungry Grasping Hands

August 29th, 2014

Massachusetts Democrats [aka Socialists] and “Republicans” [aka RiNOs] hope you’re still too ignorant and oblivious to understand the issues in our September 9th Primary Election. Behind the scenes evil Rasputins like Ron Kaufman really don’t care much who you vote for, – because either way they get a pliable, reliable ?ber-liberal!

Wed, 13 August 2014: The Gun /2nd Amendment segment starts at 20.00. ONLY in Massachusetts could someone with Charlie Baker’s liberal views run as “a Republican”.

Early reports from the courthouse,…the MassGOP Politburo has caved to the reality that they ran a Stalinist Convention, – rigged Baker’s coronation, – and illegally denied Mark Fisher his rightful place on the September Primary ballot. If Fisher can turn in 10,000 valid signatures – he’s on the ballot! The judge will let his lawyer […]

Runs slanderous Mark Fisher $1 Million headline… WHY IT FAILS ON IT’S FACE:    The poverty-stricken MassGOP doesn’t have $1 Million –  likely NEVER WILL!  Fisher knows this! 

Nothing is so obvious as a rigged convention and a rigged vote!  Mark Fisher’s lawsuit will cause MassGOP officials to tell their dirty secrets – or lie under oath. This circus paves smooth Martha Coakley’s road to the Corner Office, – because as bad as she is – voters expect their Democrats to be corrupt.  Read […]

What better way for Kaufman and the Mouseketeer to follow up on a failed convention – but to be taken to court for ballot-stuffing? This will surely motivate Independents and TEA Party Patriots to jump on the Baker Bandwagon, right Kirsten?  You just oversaw three (3) special election losses yesterday due to low turnout – […]