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  The old-time REAL Democrats lose that is. The Obama Socialist Party just scored another big rollover win. Makes you wonder who they let into the Mass Mutual Building, and who they kept OUT by checking IDs at the door. Now Pocahontas and the MoonBats can focus on Brown, while trying to deflect attention from […]

Did ‘High Cheekbones’ Warren  do a RAIN DANCE? As the illuminati of the Massachusetts Democratic Party gathered this morning in Springfield – expecting to see a massive protest from the Indians encamped in the Pioneer Valley, they were met instead by massive rains. Today’s 2012 State Convention of the MassDEMS at the Mass Mutual Building in […]

Elizabeth Warren is the candidate Mass Dems actually deserve. They wouldn’t be comfortable with an honest candidate. For 60+ years they’ve sent phonies, liars, drunks, crooks, tax cheats, pedophiles, and murders to the US Congress, – watched them sin in public and behind closed doors, – then faithfully sent them back to do more of […]

Baby-Killer Six-Pak Debate

October 4th, 2011

I thought I was going to a political debate tonight.  It was more like nerf ping-pong or playing catch with a fuzzy tennis ball.  It was a beauty contest disguised as a softball game. Six would-be US Senators lined up on the stage at UMass Lowell. Guess which one wore Red?  Guess which one was […]