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US Marines required to REMOVE the BOLTS from their M1 Rifles for Obama’s 2013 Inauguration Parade. This isn’t the first time the Obama Cartel has shown open distrust and loathing for our military – and our Marines in particular.  RRB reported last year that SecDEF Leon Panetta made Marines leave their weapons outside – in […]

Iron Mike On DADT

December 8th, 2010

Does this old soldier believe gays should serve in our Armed Forces?  Absolutely! Openly?  Absolutely NOT! When the ‘wants’ of the few clash with the security of our Republic:

Voters: Beware Of Phonies!

August 23rd, 2010

Why do some veterans seem to support the worst phonies? I remember John Kerry showing up for a campaign event in Worcester in 2008 – with Max Cleland and a busload of veterans they’d policed up from the Pine Street Inn in Boston.  If you weren’t aware of what you were seeing,  it looked like […]

  Connecticut’s AG has an embarrassing John Kerry problem – an exaggerated war record.  And of all things, the Grey Lady herself – the NY Times – is running the story.  Wow,  I guess circulation and advertising are down – they’re resorting to desperate measures –  real investigative journalism – on a Democrat.

Murtha – Always A Windbag Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha died today at age 77.  He represented the PA 12th District.   His gall bladder saved him from an embarrassing re-election defeat,  and saved the voters of the 12th from any further embarrassment.   Remember in ’08 when he called them – his own voters –  racists?   I’ll shed no […]