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Given the bloated budget the Congress just passed,  – over the objections of the voters,  – it’s clear there is a plethora of whores in DC;  – some wear suits,  – others wear lingerie. The Propaganda Ministry wants to distract you with fake scandals, – like “Russian Collusion” and Stormy Daniels.   They hope you […]

Another 4-Star Scandal

November 9th, 2012

Roosevelt had Lucy Mercer, Eisenhower had Kay Sommersby, JFK had Monroe, Judith Exner and Mimi Alford, and Bubba had Monica – and a dozen more… Now General David Petreaus steps down – caught in the old Venus Flytrap… Bad timing David.  His wife Holly works for that damned Consumer Finance Protection Bureau…  Somehow this will […]

Hello Americans! From the People’s Republic of Mass-a-TWO-Shits I am proud to report that ~ just maybe ~ our liberation is at hand.  It is certainly within the hands of our Voters on Tuesday.  Ever so slowly Freedom of Speech has crept back over the course of this Special Election.  Folks are finding the courage […]