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Mayor Correia REALLY Likes Money!

September 6th, 2019

Hickenlooper, – because after Obama,  Americans so desperately need another off-the-charts liberal with a ridiculous name….

I cannot begin to count all the times young and even older marijuana users have told me I’ve been brainwashed,  – and that marijuana is ‘perfectly safe‘, – ‘less dangerous than alcohol‘,…and ‘non-addictive‘…. So why did over 100 people overdose and pass out cold in New Haven Thursday?  Well,  – they were smoking poison!

We have gambling dens – ‘casinos‘ about to open,  – and our scandal-riddled State Cops will be assigned to police them.  We’ve just seen sworn officers sell their badges for $75/hour shifts;….can they be trusted to police and guard Million$? Charlie is being quoted as saying that the sight of three troopers hauled into court […]

During 2017,  Black NFL players were making a conspicuous ‘statement’ before each game as many chose to ‘take a knee’ during our National Anthem. Most said it was to protest unequal police behavior toward Black Americans,  – including many who had their own personal stories to tell about police treatment. Now comes New England Patriot Duron […]

George Soros OWNS Portland Oregon

November 13th, 2016

Underestimate the evil,  the cunning,  and the financial power of this man at your peril.  He has all but shut down a major US city by inciting and paying for 4 nights of anti-Trump riots. If Soros is successful,  – this anti-Trump movement will spread nationwide,  and dog every day of Trump’s presidency.  There seems […]

Pot-smoking Libertarian candidate gets a few seconds of free air time on national TV,  – promptly does his lizard imitation…. And across this land there are utter assholes who will defiantly vote for him on November 8th – believing he is preferable to Donald Trump. During his campaign Mister Johnson is being protected by the EPA […]

“It’s only weed, – just harmless marijuana, – right?” Reverend Shaun O. Harrison Sr. – educator, – mentor, – preacher, – anti-gang role model, – – became a drug pusher and then damn near murdered a teenage dealer…

Well, actually his “First Lady” is just his girlfriend, ~ maybe…  After today’s bombshell, ~ maybe not… Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber has been sporting some delicious arm candy lately – one each Ms. Cylvia Hayes – a twice-divorced consultant. WAIT A MINUTE!!    That’s thrice-divorced!!!  

He was “just getting his business up and running” – when he ran from the law… …with 21 bales [500 pounds] of Mexican marijuana… Drove off I-19 [the Arizona drug super-highway] into Green Valley, – across a golf course into a dry riverbed, – – then on foot into a pecan grove.