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Clearly We Were WARNED!

April 11th, 2020

Marco Rubio stood in the well of the US Senate – two full years ago, – warning us that the Chinese were in the process of eating our lunch.   He also warned us they they might deny us critical pharmaceuticals…exactly as they are today. Video below the fold – worth your time:

The night the lights went out in Caracas – Maduro blamed US Senator Marco Rubio….  He must think his people are children…. Maduro’s Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez told the people that “right-wing forces in the US were waging Electronic Warfare against the Maduro Government”.  Senator Marco Rubio responded…. UPDATE: Night 2, Night 3:

Last night’s school shooting Town Hall – hosted by CNN in Sunrise, Florida,  was a well-baited trap, – and Senator Rubio (never a strong Republican) walked right in and was chewed to bits in the opening minutes.   He couldn’t see it coming? For nearly 2 hours Rubio demonstrated – painfully – why he was […]

Sure,  it’s a Ted Cruz attack ad,  – but wake up Patriots,  – Rubio IS a sell-out amnesty RiNO! Now watch how many other RiNOs endorse him…

As if scripted in cooperation with ABC News, Chris Christie lit into Pretty Boy Rubio for his inexperience and missed senate votes,  “…that’s not leadership, – that’s truancy!”  Marco was stunned – like a deer in the headlights. Then Marco made it worse,  reciting the same attack on Obama – 4 times,  – even as Christie […]

Jaclyn Cashman writes for the Herald, –  and lives in fear of Trump and Cruz. Supposedly her greater fear would be another President Clinton. But her piece in this morning’s Herald casts a long shadow of doubt about her real ‘Republican’ or ‘Conservative’ credentials.   She really sounds like yet another Massachusetts Democrat infiltrator trying to pass […]

Are Jeb’s charges obnoxious – but true?   Is Marco a “Republican Obama”,  – running as a centrist with plans lurking in his heart to govern as a Progressive? No doubt that a year ago Jeb envisioned himself riding high and cruising to easy early primary victories.  He must be stunned and very bitter to have […]

Derek Parra, Clint Eastwood, Marco Rubio, Mitt Derek spoke of the Olympics, and of living with the Romneys.  Clint stole the show with an imaginary conversation with Obama [beside him in an empty chair], Marco reminded people – in Spanish – how close the Cuban dictatorship is, and Mitt finally came out fighting – and […]