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Electric car owners can be SO proud of themselves for helping save our planet.

Our attention-seeking Attorney General has over-reached,  – and the Judge wants Exxon to have a chance to examine her motives…. She’s just spent a LOT of your money trying to avoid the trip,  – but all she did was piss off the judge.

Drive carefully out there today Folks….Al may be driving drunk…. As a spring snowstorm bears down on New England, where are the wise fortune-telling words of Prize-Winning Al Gore…?

How COLD was it?   

Desert rains wash out bridge on the I-10, – threatens supply of illegal Mexicans coming up through Arizona. Thank GOD no Mexican Illegals died in the making of this man-made global warming natural disaster!

You know them,…they drive Prii – and they’re saving Mother Earth…

It Ain’t Over YET Boston!

February 10th, 2015

Two careers built on lies…… Both exposed this week!

Happy New Year From Al Gore!

January 5th, 2015

We at RRB hope you Man-Made Global Warming Freaks are staying warm and toasty this week. And if you live along the Atlantic Coast of George and Florida, – beware of migrating Polar Bears…. Actually – last winter Al saved me –

Something worse – FAR worse – than Hurricane Arthur will soon hit the outer banks! With his approval rating at the lowest of any president since WWII, – Hurricane Chaser Obama will hop on Air Force One with an entourage of photographers, – to get his picture taken with some gullible victim,…like Donna Vanzant on […]

Every Democrat alive will HATE this day and this video. And believe me, ….they’ve had it coming! You don’t know him?  He’s the Greenpeace co-founder!