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Today’s Joke: Kerry 2020!

January 26th, 2018



December 12th, 2015

Somebody – PLEASE – give this giant treasonous EGO a friggin’ Nobel Prize,  – so he can stop wandering the corners of the Earth screwing things up…. Maybe the Committee could come up with an appropriate category – “The Nobel Prize in Escargot Recycling”?

He’s got nothing to bargain with, because Obama won’t back him up. The so-called “November Deadline” is here, the Iranians are still building their bombs, – and John Kerry can’t even get a fire hydrant moved in the Middle East. Worse, the Iranians are probably reading his emails and texts in real time, – maybe […]

Hey Lurch, you’re 17 months into the job you always wanted. How’s it coming? Making a lot of foreign policy? Signing a lot of peace treaties? Soothing world trouble spots? Bringing peace to troubled regions? Rescuing hostages from terrorists?

Obama’s “joyous moment” with the Bergdahl parents is now a political nightmare for many Democrats, – except John Kerry. Dianne Feinstein – who thought she was important – now complains that since being publicly critical of the swap – the WH doesn’t call her any more. Boo Hoo Dianne! He always flings his loyal supporters under the […]

You know that somewhere Hillary is laughing her ass off! Hey Lurch,  – try tapping that ‘RESET’ button!

Still suffering through Obama’s 1st term, – it’s increasingly hard for me to stomach John McCain’s liberal sympathies. This time it’s his rather open lobbying for Lurch [Vietnam War traitor] to become SecState. We’re told he believes Lurch would be better than Susan Rice [lifetime liar] for the job. Really John?

God Help Our US Military!

November 13th, 2012

Obama is considering Lurch for SecDEF?  WTF?!?! It makes perfect sense when you understand that Obama’s mission is to weaken our country economically, morally, and militarily – to the point that we are no stronger or more powerful than any Third World nation.  Lurch is perfect for this task!

Scott Brown’s New-Found Love?

February 3rd, 2012

Is the Lowell Sun just telling the truth, – or mocking us this morning?

If Not Biden, – Who?

January 24th, 2012

As the ‘Brain Trust’ around Obama plans this election year – one nagging question must be “What do we do about Joe?”  The National Village Idiot has become a weekly – sometimes daily – gaffe machine, surely grist for the GOP mill. So I was thinking of some likely and some unlikely replacements…