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THIS is how our First Black President should be sounding! Calls the Obama Cartel charlatans and sheep!  “A damn stupid thing you just did!”   BTW, did you know there are SECRET SIDE DEALS that the Traitor Kerry negotiated?

Perhaps the BEST QUALIFIED Republican for 2016… …certainly no damned RiNO!

Keep watching this man as he takes on the Soros-Obama Cartel.  He is becoming nationally known for his blunt but well-chosen words, – calmly delivered without a teleprompter.  I can’t wait to see him going nose-to-nose with oBummer!  LTC West is a game-changer.

Congressman Allen West

December 20th, 2010

As we move toward Christmas and the spirit of the rebirth of HOPE, let us also have a rebirth of reality. Do a little reaearch of your own over the holidays: