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Antonio Mugica is a Venezuelan entrepreneur who invented a voting machine which enabled Hugo Chavez to steal an election and become the dictator of that once-prosperous land. Now those machines are widely used in Europe and the Americas,  – most recently here in November 2020,  and again last month in Georgia.   Lou Dobb was fearless […]

Boston Broadside Photo Bomb

September 23rd, 2020

VP Mike Pence was in New Hampshire yesterday,  – and after his rally was being interviewed by Lou Dobbs. Someone in the crowd held up a copy of the Boston Broadside,  – a clear signal to the country that there ARE conservatives here in New England!   Well played!

There are probably still some LibTurd Americans who believe the Communist Chinese Government is a respectable and responsible “Global Partner” in the 21st Century.  They should be issued one-way tickets to Wuhan.  Lou Dobbs interviews Peter Navarro,  – who explains how China moved to deliberately infect the world,  – while at the same time make outrageous […]

Lou Dobbs: Fearlessly Exposing Obama’s NSA Spying + Lying to the FISA Court + FBI Cover-Up… Lou Dobbs has a nearly thankless job on the Fox Business Network,  – because many Americans would largely prefer to ‘let Trump fix things’ while ‘letting the past fade into the darkness’.  That would let a lot of vicious […]