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Chicago has 2.75 million people, their last Republican mayor – Big Bill Thompson, – left office 91 years ago. Wars have been fought with fewer killed and wounded than happened in Chicago just in 2021.

If they were White kids being shot – would the Liberal Media start to care?

Chicago’s funeral parlors are hurting,  – there has been a ~ slight ~ slowdown in the murder rate thus far in 2021.   They’re hoping for a hot humid summer… Chicago’s first (and very proudly) openly gay mayor has bigger worries….

In a runoff mayoral election the openly lesbian swept ALL the wards 3 to 1 over the old-school establishment candidate.  This could spell REAL TROUBLE for long-term Congressional Democrats come 2020. Now all she has to do is figure out how debt-ridden Chicago can pay for itself on a shrinking tax base…..   video: