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Trump invited the media to his hotel in Washington DC, – where they ~ believed ~ he would make a major speech on Obama’s citizenship….so they broadcast the event live. Instead,  before making his VERY brief statement,  – a collection of combat veterans, Medal of Honor recipients, Generals and Admirals all endorsed Trump….

Obama The Muslim Magician

June 23rd, 2016

Which hand do you watch?  How does he do his tricks?  Is this all slight of hand,  – or does he have secret assistants in the audience? He’s got tricks he doesn’t want you to see,  so how does he distract and misdirect your attention?

Joan Rivers: Obamacide?

August 28th, 2014

Just 56 days ago she called Michelle a tranny and said Obama is gay. Now she is ‘unresponsive’…? UPDATED: Joan died Thurs 4 Sept 2014 I guess they couldn’t get her in a small plane like Loretta Fuddy? Video below the fold:

Neil Abercrombie Trounced!

August 10th, 2014

Volcano of dissatisfaction erupts in Hawaii: Obama-buddy progressive loses Hawaii Democratic Primary by 67.4%!!! Loretta Fuddy’s Revenge? This is a clear and crushing defeat for Obama and ObamaCare. State Senator David Ige – an engineer by trade – made Hawaii’s bungled ObamaCare Exchange a central theme of his 11-point campaign.  Abercrombie after 19+ years in […]

Once again the name Loretta Fuddy is in the mix of a mystery. So many questions, so many lies, so many dead people, and so many cover-ups.  What will it take for us to finally know who and what this monster pResident is? Video below the fold adds a new dimension:

Who Drowned Loretta Fuddy?

February 22nd, 2014

A skilled video editor from Hawaii spots an apparent Obamacide and shows us her evidence. Just 9 minutes long – worth your time, and a little scary. Could it be, – this plane was deliberately landed [‘crashed’] in the ocean where two divers were waiting to pull Loretta under – or inject her with a […]

And,…she was the ONLY one of nine(9) who died…? Odd too, because fat people usually float.  Nine people on a small plane crashed off the north coast of Molokai – three swam ashore, the Coast Guard plucked 5.