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A week of rioting,  303 shootings,  155 murders,  – including 3 killed just last night,…and the most inept of America’s big-city mayors has acted!   She’s fired her Black Police Chief Anthony Batts, – and replaced him [on an interim basis] with his white deputy. Now guess who’s gonna be her new whipping boy?

While we grieve and sympathize with their murders,…does this seem unreal?   Crime Victim Assistance?  $29 Million Dollars?

It’s like the Perfect Storm: the Communist Mayor ran for office on a race-baiting anti-NYPD platform.  He ended Stop-Question-&-Frisk.   Next he blamed all cops for the death of a lifetime street thug.  Predictably, shootings have skyrocketed; – the murder rate is up. Does de Blasio admit he was wrong?  Nah!   The mayor with the […]

It’s been a painfully long day in the Senate Hearing Room – as the GOP-controlled Judiciary Committee slowly explores the background and thinking of AG nominee Loretta Lynch. And she is one skilled slimy evader of the straight answer! She “hadn’t even heard” of Obama boast that “…there wasn’t even a smidgen of corruption in […]

We are sad to report that AG Nominee Loretta Lynch – in her lecture earlier this year at the MLK Center in Long Beach – seems entirely focused on race and black/white racial history. Her views on Voter ID laws being ‘racist’ come near the end – at about the 30-minute mark. Video below the […]

Anybody replacing Eric Holder as US Attorney General is wading into cesspool of racial prejudice and flagrant criminal cover-up.  Obama wouldn’t nominate anybody who hasn’t already promised to continue Holder’s work of covering his ass…. So – as rumors suggest, – has Obama become so totally detached from his job that Al Sharpton got to […]