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It was a beautiful day in the Rose Garden!   Our Economy is REBOUNDING!

Hypocrites Like Big Tits?   He’s the epidemiologist professor who came up with the curves proving all of England would die if the Government didn’t place the island nation in LOCKDOWN! She’s the political activist married mom who broke Lockdown and went across London looking for some extra-curricular extra credit – in his place.

At RRB,  we just love it when the Folks rise up to protest petty tyrants and wannabe dictators.   It happened again today as Californians (yeah, those liberal Left Coasties) came out en masse to tell Governor Newsom to “Shove it!”  Behold Huntington Beach: And in the Capital of Sacramento – other protesters stormed the Capitol,  – […]

It was a clear case of mixed messages in front of Charlie’s otherwise quiet Swampscott home. We wondered if Charlie’s tit-grabber son AJ was home, – looking out the windows? video

All the yapping voices on the left are consistent;  – they’re demanding a disease-free world before they reopen their states from the lockdown. They want a perfect world,  100% testing (no clue how),  a 100% vaccine,  a 100% magic cure pill (so long as it’s not Trump’s hydroxychloroquine), – and the Federal Government to keep […]

Utterly Priceless!  The Bear came roaring out of the cave!  Our President has endured enough of the lying, never-satisfied media,  – so at Monday’s WH Press Briefing he played back a few juicy clips. The Media immediately labeled it a CAMPAIGN VIDEO,  – and are claiming that Trump violated campaign finance rules by having WH […]

The tension and hatreds behind the scenes are almost Shakespearean, as Doctors Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci compete for control of our Nation – and the World. Fauci and Birx have seemingly stellar records as doctors dealing with infectious diseases.  But is there more to their story?

LtGov Arm Candy Emerges

April 7th, 2020