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Why did Huma FEAR for her LIFE?

October 31st, 2016

Huma started out as a Muslim Brotherhood mole,  – became a Hillary admirer, ~ possibly ~ her lesbian lover, – and finally her totally trusted high-level State Department assistant and key insider. Did she realize one day that she’d witnessed and been made part of too much evil?  Did the word ARKANCIDE suddenly take on […]

Imagine the utter irony of running for and winning a US Senate seat, [Obama’s former seat BTW] only to be ‘sworn in’ by our National Village Idiot.  “Place your right hand on the Bible…” Senator Mark Kirk, (R) Illinois  So how about a quick do-over?

Good Morning Americans, Most of you are busy doing Christmas shopping,  planning little trips over the holidays,  and just starting to worry about doing your 2009 income tax.   We’re well aware that a few of you are worried about those end-of-the-year pink slips.  Our pResident has done nothing to reassure investors that our economic future […]