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It’s a Miracle!

October 5th, 2012

Just when we thought he was down for the count from the debate. Just when it seemed that he was in the depths of despair. The new job numbers come out and, lo and behold… the rate drops to 7.8%!  (Interestingly, not even close to his promised 5.6%) Yes, you heard it right.  With nearly […]

What is Obama doing to our money? Do you understand his game plan? Folks, your entire way of life is being dissembled underneath you while you’re watching the carnival acts. Obama is following the instruction book.

Another honorary degree, teleprompters in place, – another snipe at Middle America.  But from his remarks, – it seems our ZerO-in-Chief has at least heard our words – even as he mocks and misquotes them.  Listen to His Arrogance: