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Spitzer, – – Patterson, – – now Cuomo!   Is it a Democrap thing or a New York thing? What’s in that Albany water…?  How long will Kathy Hochul remain quiet?

In 2018, as Cuomo won his 3rd Term against lesbian actress Cynthia Nixon by 65.5% – he started having visions of the White House…..   So did much of the liberal media.   By mid-2020 they were calling him the anti-Trump. My,  – how things change after a ‘pandemic’…. It would be hard to find a more […]

Did NY State voters back in 2018 understand who and what they were voting for?   The AG is supposed to be the People’s Lawyer;  – how will threatening Trump help the people who have just lost businesses to looters and arsonists? In a sad way,  New Yorkers,  particularly New York City voters DESERVE the assholes […]