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She was beating up her wife.  How many nasty lesbians did Deval Patrick appoint? Prior to her arrest she was seen driving erratically in the neighborhood.  She pulled up to where cops were talking to her wife and yelled: “Now you have this white boy with his dog protecting you?”

New York State is $354 BILLION in DEBT – – with 14% of their people on Food Stamps…..and the best Democrats can find to run for Governor is a cancer-riddled lesbian actress in a low-cut dress? The Sex and the City actress just announced her run for Governor of New York!  Is this the BEST […]

Between Scott Israel’s Muslim Deputy and his Lesbian Watch Commander,  the Broward County Sheriff’s office needs an enema! There are people in many military and LEO units who should have NEVER been hired,  – because they are both UNFIT to deal with life-and-death situations,  and unworthy of the uniform.  They’re in it to make a […]

Huma Abedin – daughter of the Muslim Brotherhood – married to a Jewish sex pervert, – and inseparable aide to Hillary Clinton takes voter trolling to a new depth…. Remember Folks – the Clintons do NOTHING that isn’t planned and in some cases – rehearsed. Brace yourselves:

Bill’s former mistress [3 months] Sally Miller reveals what we’ve always suspected…. Not conclusive,  but lends weight to the questions about who Chelsea’s daddy really is….

Doing the work our duly-elected Lipstick Lesbian won’t – catching corrupt state politicians; – as Gov’nr Baker busies himself trying to rig the MassGOP elections. Oh, and Charlie was busy last month endorsing New Jersey’s RiNO Whale – Chris Christie – who dropped out last week.   Charlie, your RiNO administration isn’t looking any sharper than Deval’s….   […]

What IS Hillary Looking At?

October 5th, 2012

Is THIS the reason Vince Foster committed suicide in 1993? There have long been rumors – that Hillary is secretly gay.  Was the nearness of Christina Aguilera at Wednesday nite’s gala for world hunger – the George McGovern Leadership Awards – just a little too tempting for our Secretary of State?

Your hour is at hand Scott Brown.  This is THE time for you to make a difference in American History – for the next 40+ years.  Stand up on the Senate floor and filibuster the confirmation of left-wing judicial activist nominee Elena Kagan!