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We always knew he was a lying punk!  Obama – ‘the man who got bin Laden’ – failed to even pay attention throughout the 7-hour 9/11 massacre at Benghazi. Obama never even asked Panetta what was available to help! [This lends great credibility to the theories that this was an Obama WH directed staged kidnapping […]

Dangerous Fixation Revealed

March 8th, 2012

Stunning fixation on ‘internationalism’ revealed in Senate testimony by Chairman – Joint Chiefs General Dempsy and SecDef Leon Panetta. The broad question is what the US might ~ possibly ~ do to stop Syria’s murderous Assad regime from killing it’s own people. Military options are being discussed. Senator Jeff Sessions gets all wrong answers! Listen […]

The Petraeus – Panetta Two-Step Wherein Obama continues the calculated dismemberment of our national defense structure and buries a potential presidential candidate. General David Petraeus is our most-winning general officer of modern time.  He is a shoe-in to become Army Chief of Staff, and then Chairman, Joint Chiefs.  He could run for President in 2012 […]

ANY intelligence service – ours, theirs, our friends, our enemies – all operate the basic same way when looking at both friends and foes.  Thus Dennis Blair, outgoing Director of National Intelligence – and a career naval intelligence officer was constantly at odds – even unable to communicate in the coded doublespeak of that pack […]

FLASH!  Obama, Panetta, and Napolitano dodge a bullet! It began years ago in a poor African country, where in a tiny pocket of wealth the son of an important banker attended school and gradually became a devout Muslim, – then a radicalized one.  But his father’s wealth and position carried him to the best schools […]