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Why was an AA/EEO lady from Atlanta hired to keep Massachusetts trains running?  This is Doctor Scott’s 4th winter here;  – by now she’s run out of excuses. Deval Patrick would have just asked Bob DeLeo for more money.  Let’s hope that Charlie Baker has a different solution….

A Leadership Lesson For Obama

February 7th, 2015

King Abdullah II of Jordan comes from a long line of desert warriors.  In this video he takes over as Jumpmaster – and does a textbook by-the-numbers job of it. I’ve done this job dozens of times – [I used to yell more] – and I’d jump with this man ANY day!  There is nothing […]

Democrats Shuffle A Short Bench

November 13th, 2014

You know they’re desperate when Senator Squaw is given a “Leadership Role” – with less than two years on the job. ?ber-liberal Harry Reid says she’ll serve as an “envoy” to liberal groups…? Does that mean they’re no longer listening to Harry? There’s way more to it!

A story of employee loyalty which will scare the kwrap out of union organizers across the land; grim reality forces cousin Artie S. to sell majority ownership to Artie T! In the coming years many a business school thesis will be written about this summer’s strike – which featured the highly unusual element of strident […]

Clearly a leader and a manager too good to waste on just Baseball!

A perfect example of why this man still brings tears to my eyes…    …once the youngest US Navy fighter pilot in WWII – shot down twice by the Japs – now largely confined to a wheelchair – still shows what a real leader does – he leads by example. President G. H. W. Bush […]

The fight’s over, so Party Chair Barbie chirps her 2¢ worth. Where the hell were you all of July Barbie?  Waiting by the phone for Mitt’s talking points? Oh that’s right – you were planning a PARTY!  “This year’s BBQ will feature great family activities such as a magic show,  balloon animals,  a craft tent, […]