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76 Years Of Democrap Incompetence

December 11th, 2021

They were all racists,  – all incompetents and with inflated résumés,  – all were weak and got Americans and our allies killed…. Thanks to a stolen election and cowardly courts,  America no longer leads.  Xi,  Putin, Soros, and Fauci now share world leadership. We may be headed into a 21st Century Dark Age.  Pray!

“There is nothing in all the world greater than freedom.  It is worth paying for;  it is worth losing a job for;  it is worth going to jail for. I would rather be a free pauper than a rich slave.  I would rather die in abject poverty with my convictions than live in inordinate riches […]

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon lost a lot of Democratic Party support last summer with his reluctance to send the Guard into Ferguson. He’s been acting like a man backed into a corner. He VETOed a bill which trimmed welfare cash assistance from 5 years to 3 years, – and which added work requirements. BOTH houses […]

Democrats are still using racial fear to win elections. But now in 2014 they are appealing to Black voter fear. This flyer was left on cars at a mostly-Black church in Fayetteville, NC [near Fort Bragg] a few days ago. Allegedly the work of “Concerned Citizens of Cumberland County” – there was no contact information […]

What They’ve Endured

December 8th, 2013

As our Greatest Generation – those self-effacing heroes of WWII busy themselves with making their final river crossing,…I spent some time this weekend trying to grasp all that they’ve lived through.   Depression, avoidable wars, inept and failed national leadership, erosion of American Greatness, …and now our first truly un-American and anti-American president.  It doesn’t […]

The Worst Years Of My Life!

July 15th, 2012

Didn’t ANYbody else see these lying bastards coming?

In ancient Greece, a General or Admiral, or even a troublesome philosopher would sometimes spend his last minutes being forced to drink hemlock.  This most often happened upon losing a battle, but sometimes the ruling class would see a threat in a successful general, and find an excuse – “disloyalty” – to end his existence.  No sense […]

High Treason At West Point

November 30th, 2009

Obama – who dithered for days about four Somali pirates in a lifeboat has dithered for months over a very clear-cut operational decision. He’ll totally ignore the 800 lb gorilla in the room. What’s really playing out is the Soros Cartel’s sinister attempt to make Afghanistan into another Vietnam. Plain and simple – all of this is high treason! Ironic too, just 229 years and 10 weeks since the last high treason at West Point.