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As advertising revenue dries up, hundreds of local papers,  – and some big ones,  – are about to furlough or lay off staff,  – as others ‘close’ for the duration. They were already struggling in the years before Coronavirus. Who will print the obituaries now…? 

P-A-N-I-C Time At CNN!

April 17th, 2019

Filled with liberal hate and rage,  Zucker and CNN bet everything that another Presidential Impeachment would lift them past hated rival Fox.   Last week brought a SHOCK! But it didn’t happen,  and the viewers they’d spent two long years feeding an hourly ration of sheer bullshit (aka Fake News) have turned the channel.  Could be […]

For over 2½ years the NY Daily News has been bashing and degrading Trump and his family in every way possible. Today was Reward Day!  50% of the staff was laid off!    If you can’t sell your ugly left-wing shit in Bill de Blasio’s town,  maybe it’s time to rethink career goals….

Fuzzy-Headed Liberal Nerd Does His Math – Can’t Afford 500 x $15/hr Math is MATH!   When UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks was faced with California’s new law mandating a $15.oo minimum wage,  his math said they don’t have the money.  So they’ll lay off 500 suddenly ‘non-essential’ workers.

Will They EVER Learn? Can They?

September 15th, 2015 lays off 12 more people – following their Editor-in-Chief and GenManager.  Liberal pablum isn’t news!   And it doesn’t sell. So who’d they toss, – the Hillaryphiles,  or the fluff-writers?

NY Times: 100 Newsroom Layoffs

October 1st, 2014

Once a proud world-renown newspaper – almost always the first to break major stories, – until they became obsessed with their own power to influence events and government,…and conspicuously took the liberal-progressive side. Now the Internet, including news and commentary blogs like RRB, – are killing them off. Their readership is drying up, advertising dollars […]

Biden’s Bumpy Road To Oshkosh

October 26th, 2012

Joe Plugs – our National Village Idiot… – arrives to campaign – JUST AS company announces 450 employee LAYOFF (11%) – due to Sequestration. They had a nice contract to build a new generation of mine-resistant rugged tactical trucks, but…  I’m sure Biden will say something…profound.

   As the charade plays out in the Obama White House over budgets and debt,  it’s worth noting what happened last month in North Carolina. Fiscal conservatives promptly overrode a liberal veto. North Carolina grew resoundingly in the 1960s and 70s. Industry escaped from repressive Democratic Yankee states to the more business-friendly South. Retirees also […]

A Democrat has to LAY OFF union employees. As of the 2010 Census, Connecticut had 3,518,288 people. 1.3% of them (46,290 people) are full-time state employees – most in unions. Governor Dan Malloy is sending 4,742 of them pink slips. Connecticut is short of cash!

Wave 1,100 Goodbyes Deval

March 15th, 2011

And take a big bow Deval, – you did it! You and those stuck-on-stupid Taxocrats have just managed to push another 1,100 high-paying white collar [green] jobs out of state. And barely 2 months into your second term!  Wow, you are one fast-acting governor.    Fidelity Investments announced today that after cutting some 8,000 jobs […]