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Liberals never learn…  Four years ago they brought a shredder,  – and while some ballots ‘disappeared‘,  – others appeared out of thin air.   Any wonder that Mark Fisher sued them?  And won! Charlie wants to be re-elected,  – and unwilling to stand on his Republican accomplishments – he had his hand-maiden Kirsten Hughes (aka […]

These guys really don’t know how to make friends. Fresh off a disastrous state convention, – which was followed by an expensive and very public lawsuit, the MassGOP officials and staffers continue their bad behavior. First, their staffers were busy with last-minute packet-stuffing – which spoke loudly to a lack of planning.

Free Speech:  $50K | Modesto Junior College: $0 Modesto Jr College – which had attempted to confine free speech to a tiny “Free Speech Zone” has now agreed that Free Speech applies everywhere on their campus. And they just paid their student victim Robert Van Tuinen $50K. Thank you Robert for the courage to take […]

Former Jenzabar CFO claims co-mingling of funds! For a short man, Robert A. Maginn Jr. carries himself with the arrogance of a Napoleon.  I think having made a fortune at Bain probably made him more arrogant. When he swept into office as Chairman of the MassGOP, his arrogance was on full display.  He was ungracious […]

Biting Back At The Bitch

May 25th, 2011

See you in Court Arianna! Judge says lawsuit by alleged Huff-Po co-founders can go forward. Once upon a time Arianna Huffington was an outspoken conservative. Then her Congressman hubby announced he was bi-sexual. Damn!  So she went looking for solace on the dark side and founded the Huffington Post to attack G W Bush. In […]

Is Hillary being positioned to be the next Vice President?  Here she makes the announcement that the Obama Cartel will sue Arizona to nullify their immigration law.  Watch the video: