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This should be a show worth watching – for the fireworks alone!

Naked Vegas Chicks Disrupt Bernie

February 16th, 2020

It kept happening to him in 2016,  – now it’s happening again, – naked female protesters storming Bernie’s stage… Maybe they think Buttigieg’s followers wouldn’t notice? Video: 

The 78-year old commie lied about his health,  so his heart ratted him out!

Details developing….

America got screwed again tonight.   Somehow the once-trusted Fox network managed to stage a fake debate. My wife – a trained attorney – noticed it first,  – Hillary was reading certain answers…

It seems a mere protester can make her afraid,…how is she going to face ISIS,  Putin,  the Chinese,  the NorKs, and the Cartels…? This was the scene in Las Vegas… Anybody really want to spend 4 years listening to this witch cackle…?

How bad was it…?  First polls come out showing Sanders ahead,…then she gets booed in a ‘town hall’ meeting.  Then Mouseketeer / teen pop slut Britney Spears meets with her,  – seems to endorse her,  – but hours later deletes her endorsement. Meanwhile,…where is Bill?   Hitting on showgirls? Tomorrow – Saturday – is the all-important Nevada […]

When your poll numbers are down, – nothing seems to go right.   Jeb, looking tired and slumped,  – spoke to an aging crowd of 100 in North Las Vegas,  – forced himself to grind through his usual stump speech, – …and then got heckled by Black Lives Matter…

…and you haven’t heard about it,…why? Maybe because the 5 teens that did it are Black,  and the victim used to be a porn star?  Does that make home invasion, assault, gang rape, robbery, and car theft any less of a crime? The home may have been selected for robbery at random.