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He is a clever bastard – and he will not live in peace with the rest of civilized mankind.   His meeting in Ankara to “create a peaceful solution to Syria” is a sick joke. He is carving out Russian interests, – and arming the enemies of Western Civilization.  There will be much more bloodshed!

He’s blocking Arab leaders from sending them arms.  He’s also left Jordan twisting in the wind…. America has few willing allies left in the world ready to aid us in fighting evil.  So why would Obama turn a cold shoulder to two of them?   Look no further than the desk right outside the Oval Office…

Obama Scrambles For Good News

October 22nd, 2014

The ISIS besieged town of Kobani is just south of the Turkish border in Syria, – and Obama is hoping it can save his pResidency. He – and the incumbent Senate Democrats who have enabled these past six disastrous years – are desperate for any shred of good news, – any validation of Obama’s miserable […]