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Just 10 years and 8 months ago – this “Presidential Contender” penned a letter praising the NRA in detail….when she was a New York Congresswoman…looking for reelection support. This past weekend she changed her tune – and her voice was shrill.  But the NRA still has her 2008 letter,  and they’ve POSTED IT!

In launching his long-planned 2020 campaign, our National Village Idiot proves again that he doesn’t know or understand History, our American Heritage, or the American People. He doesn’t even understand the sordid disgraceful history of his own Democrat Party….

The 21st Century Democrat Party

February 12th, 2019

What is really different today about the new ‘Democrats’ in Washington,  from those who came before them in the party of evil and slavery for 191 years? In 1861 Democrats seceded from the Union,  fearful that newly-elected Republican Abe Lincoln might free their slaves….  It quickly became our bloodiest war.

Senator Harris has spent a year fundraising among the wealthy Democrat elite, – in her bid to become the Democrat nominee for 2020. Thursday she used her time on the Homeland Security Committee to enhance her Nasty Woman credentials.   video

Spray paint, Molotov cocktails, hearts filled with hate, and empty heads; – we’re back in the 1960s – or the 1870s again – thanks to Obama and Hillary! Only these goons probably rode pick-up trucks (foreign-made ones)…

Looks like the Obama Cartel messed with the wrong filmmaker. This is the trailer,…..should be enough to start you thinking.

The elitist smarter-than-you fool, – who surrendered the GOP’s 2012 campaign to CNN’s Candy Crowley, – will address the nation Thursday night – in a bid to “Stop Trump”… …the GOP Establishment RiNOs have promised him that if he succeeds,  they’ll let him sneak in the back door in Cleveland,  during a brokered convention….and run […]

E W Jackson Leads An Exodus

September 30th, 2012

12 awesome minutes will inspire you! With just 36 days until the vote – please send this link to your religious friends.