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A quasi-Republican just lost to one of America’s worst career politicians by 10%. Mouseketeer – you OWN this one.  One single race – your first leadership test – and you FAILED! As we used to say in the Army – you failed ‘by-the-numbers’.  AND, you had help in high places!

Northborough Co-Chair writes a Smokin’ BOLD letter! If only more RTCs would stand up and fight these old guard cronies… Attorneys Brian Burke and Jeanne Kangas are the State Committee Critters from Middlesex & Worcester District; – Kangas has long been Vice-Chair of the MassGOP. They epitomize the ‘old guard‘.

Folks, I cringe to write this report.  It was a shamefully ugly night. A group of mostly conservative new State Committee critters had filed a petition for a Special Meeting – not unlike a special town meeting. The issue was to examine certain irregularities which occurred during the vote for our new MassGOP Party Chair […]

What Now Ms. Hughes?

February 4th, 2013

The fossils elected you Party Chair Barbie II, – by one slim vote. The next afternoon Scott Brown dumped you [and us] at the curb like a bad date. So Kirsten, – what’s your Plan B? Who is your back-up candidate? Do you even know any real Republicans in this state? ANY registered Republican has […]

Tonight should have been the rebirth of our resurgent 21st Century Republican State Party. That didn’t happen. The 1970s RiNOs prevailed – just 41 of them, [just over half the assembled committee critters] – elected Party Chair Barbie II – aka the Disney Singer – as your new MassGOP Chair.  Bob Maginn got a silver bowl […]

To the 40± MassGOP Committee Members still ~ thinking ~ about voting for Kirsten Hughes. Please look forward to 2014 and 2016 – visualize Hillary Clinton [maybe running with John Kerry] – and vote for Rick Green. We need a real leader to be ready, and Folks, this giggling Disney Singer – she ain’t it! For years […]