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“Tell a big enough lie,  – repeat it often enough,  – and eventually people will believe it!”  – Joseph Goebbels. Sadly most Americans have no clue who Goebbels was.  So Boston Herald writer Kimberly Atkins can get away with twisting the facts and shading the truth.   She’s hardly alone.

“To call Clinton’s campaigning skills rusty would be kind.” Nothing screams “Empty Stable!” quite like the front page of today’s Boston Herald – where their human Brillo Pad Kimberly Atkins admits that Hillary sucks, – and needs the Cherokee Squaw to run – and somehow make her a worthy candidate.

Why They Wanted Him Dead…

July 15th, 2013

…frankly, even more after the verdict than before… We’re seeing the ugliest side of black racism, white liberal guilt, and Yellow Journalism combine to form a virtual lynch mob. They all have their reasons….