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If you were expecting a nuclear war to start on the Korean Peninsula,  events there this morning suddenly make that seem like a remote thing from the Cold War.  During my lifetime this may be the biggest thing since the Berlin Wall came down;  – something I never expected to witness. THANK YOU DEAR GOD!

Just a hunch Folks, but the less Trumps says – the shorter I think this runt’s days on Earth are…   He’d be way smarter to be feeding his people.

Kim Jung-un – the ruler of the Hermit Kingdom – i.e. the runt 21st Century Mongolian Warlord is as insane and unbalanced as Nero, Stalin, or Hitler in his final months. Americans – even our über-liberal communist media,  – need to understand that this stubby round runt doesn’t think like a rational leader.   He […]

With Hugo Chavez dead four long years now,  – it must really suck to be the remaining runt dictator left on earth. The Mongolian Turd (aka Kim Jung Un) held a big parade on Saturday – to celebrate his grandfather’s birthday.  Then he launched a missile to demonstrate how he could reach West Coast American […]

That’s right smart-ass – get ready to bend over – a lot in your new home. Otto became the Poster Boy for Dumb ASS, – first by going on a trip to North Korea…the world’s most repressive state….

Years ago I stopped trusting the FBI.  Recently, their claim that Kim Jung-un and his NorKs hacked Sony Pictures seemed a tad quick, and ~ maybe ~ a bit brash…? Then suddenly the North Korean internet went dark,  a clear demonstration of US cyber war prowess. But still the doubts lingered, – how could the […]

While Obama was busy droning ISIS,  pulling out of Afghanistan,  and ignoring our Southern Border, – Kim Jung-un – the demented Napoleonic runt leader of North Korea has apparently hacked Sony Pictures so completely they’ve been forced to stop film production. Now they’ve threatened to bomb any theater showing the movie “The Interview” – a […]

Kim Shoots His Uncle Jang

December 13th, 2013

A Christmas Season to remember!   Arrested on Dec 8th, – tried, – and shot four days later on Dec 12th. Jang Sung-taek was the brother-in-law of the late Kim Jung-il, and uncle to current head runt Kim Jung-un. His sins?   Hmmm, hard to fully know,  but it seems he wanted a job of importance,  […]

When Fools Play Chicken

April 7th, 2013

The Playboy Runt vs the Community Organizer Kim Jung Un is ‘Riding the Tiger‘ – as North Korea’s ‘Dear Leader’.  He has nothing to offer his people but another 50 years of diplomatic and economic isolation, – and starvation rations.  He’s beating war drums to distract their attention to stay in power, Obama too is […]

The Yes-Men Of North Korea

March 27th, 2013

Will the Yes-Men Generals of North Korea allow a war? The ‘Generals‘ who surround Kim Jung Un – the playboy runt-turned Dear Leader have ZERO combat experience.  They are all cold-war bureaucrats who survived the endless series of purges since 1954. They know politics – not warfare. They’ve all been part of making money selling […]