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The Obama way,…leading from the 7th Hole…. In five short years, Obama has strengthened Putin and China; – and weakened [damn near destroyed] our ability to thwart bad actors and stand by our friends. But there have been no shortage

John Kerry de la Mancha

February 19th, 2014

Tall,  skinny, – totally irrelevant, – America’s own Don Quixote wanders the Third World in search of Alfred Nobel’s Gold Prize. With Egypt, Syria, Kiev and Venezuela ablaze, – and Hamid Karzai releasing Taliban murderers, – Mister Kerry has found his ‘calling’:

Kiev Is Burning Tonight!

February 18th, 2014

Stun guns and water cannon against the people who do not want to be associated [by force] with Putin’s Russia.  THIS is why our Founders gave us the 2nd Amendment!

Lifetime liar uses unsecure phone, – gets taped by the Russians, – and they put it on you-tube. Her ONLY qualification for high office was her willingness to be Hillary’s Spokes-Liar.  Now she’s making the kind of grave blunders which end up getting people killed. What’d she do? (Russian video below the fold)