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No sooner does Crooked China Joe kill the pipeline (so his donor Warren Buffett can keep getting richer) – than Mother Nature bitch-slaps his weed-smoking Democrat voters in Colorado. It was the second time since Biden’s Executive Order that Mother Nature punished Denver.

She’s made up her mind;  – “Most voters are downright stupid!” “Screw American energy independence;  – screw those unions!”   There are way more Green Weenies about to vote than Construction Union hardhats.

Ninny Niki was Tsilent Tsongas all those months, – 241 long days, – that Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi was locked away rotting in a Mexican jail,… …but suddenly she finds her vocal chords and her legs to stand in opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline,  – now that fellow Democrat Mary Landrieu is out of […]

18 years leading the Beautiful Life in the swirl of Washington DC Cocktail Society,  and now she has no friends left back home in Louisiana. Seems folks remember – bitterly – when she sold them out over ObamaCare – and made a national joke of herself as “The Louisiana Purchase!” The runoff election there is tomorrow – […]

Harry Reid permits meaningless ‘gesture’ to save her political career, – knowing all along he had enough votes [including 4 lame ducks] to stop it. Left-wing enviro-wack jobs prove decisively that they’re perfectly OK with importing oil from murderous Arabs. Don’t look for a thread of reason or common sense, – there isn’t any. Think […]

Obama Cartel Is BANKRUPT!

June 17th, 2014

The “smartest administration of all times” files bankruptcy!   They are out of clues, – out of ideas, – out of allies, – out of clout, – and out of options. Obama’s gross ineptitude and treasonous acts are coming home to roost. The world – as they imagined it could be, – is being over-run […]

Remember when SecState Hillary Clinton first canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline – on ‘environmental grounds’?  That was back in Nov 2011.  She was ‘protecting’ the Ogallala Aquifer, – remember? Back then we told you that it WASN’T about protecting the aquifer, – it was about making Billionaire Democrat contributor Warren Buffet – RICHER!   Today […]

How Obama Just Won The Standoff

December 22nd, 2011

Three words: Asymmetric Political Warfare. Our valiant 2011 Republican House Warriors just caved on Obama’s plan for a Continuing Resolution – and with it the continuation of ‘the tax cut’. Obama won.  The phony ‘tax cut’ will continue for two months – and likely throughout this next election year. The Republicans think they got a […]

“Who pays for a 1-year benefit with a 10-year borrowing scheme?”   A faithful RRB team member thought seniors should hear this. Republican Senator Mark Kirk pushes back at liberal reporter [Lisa Mascaro LA Times] – discusses the Obama word game around continuing the ‘tax holiday’ for another year vs. funding Social Security.

The consummate Queen of the Backroom Deal does Obama’s heavy lifting as Barack and friends hide behind her skirts, er,…her pantsuit. Claiming that there need to be more environmental studies about the threat to the Ogallala Aquifer, SecState Clinton has halted any further work on the Keystone XL Pipeline. Bear with me as I explain […]