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The dastardly crime:   With malice of forethought the defendants mounted a TRUMP FLAG to a DEADLY PICKUP TRUCK – and drove through campus! Muffy sent a trained investigator (Hillary supporter) to gather facts, rumors, and hurt feelings…

Maybe he thought he could genuflect, – and all would be forgiven. Maybe he thought he is still an ‘important Republican‘… Maybe he believed the rumors….that he was under consideration for SecState – i.e. the #3 position in the Trump Administration…  His body language upon leaving told how crushing an hour of reality can be…..

MassGOP Answering Machine

December 17th, 2012

I was curious to see if the MassGOP had posted anything about either the Sandy Hook shooting or Lurch’s nomination for SecState… Nothing. So I called – at high noon today.  Answering machines only…. Hell of a way to run a political party!  So I called Momma Kangas.  She claims ‘the party is out of […]

Muffy Gets Her Limelight!

August 28th, 2012

Still the best cheerleader in the house!

We’re awash in Democratic outrages – just 88 days from the most important election in my lifetime – and our MassGOP is mute?  Where is the VOICE of Runty Maginn? Obama attacks military voters in Ohio… …Obama runs an ad claiming Romney let a woman die of cancer… ……Obama grants amnesty to 800,000 illegals while Black […]

 Not ~ quite ~ enough new blood to turn the tide – but they were running scared!   Painful to watch, deathly to sit through – Maginn has no clue how to run a meeting.    RESULTS of VOTING:

The time-honored way – some munchies and an open bar, and the newbies are expected to fawn, and fall in line:               Will anyone DARE ask her why she endorsed pro-abortion Childs?  Or her disasterous 2006 run for Governor where she alienated even those who wanted to be for […]

Muffy Wants A Title?

April 2nd, 2012

W-h-e-r-e have you been Muffy? The ‘quiet loser’, – former LtGov Kerry ‘Muffy’ Healey, suddenly emerges from her self-imposed 5-year exile. She wants to replace National Party-Girl Jody ‘buy-me-a-drink’ Dow as our new MassGOP National Committeewoman. With an air of expectation we’ve come to expect from the Romney Cartel, she EXPECTS to be elected Thursday night […]