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Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, and Kathleen Willey were raped, used, or molested by Bill Clinton over his years in Arkansas and the White House. Kathy Shelton was a 12-year old rape victim that Hillary tore into on the witness stand to defend her rapist.  Hillary would later laugh about it.  Her interview below the fold:

And not a “PEEP” from Bill or Hillary about Putin’s invasion of Ukraine!

For America’s low-information Honey Boo-Boo voters….i.e. Average Democrats… Revisionist History at work: – NBC orders a 4-hour Hillary Clinton mini-series. It will star Diane Lane.   An actor to play Bubba has not yet been picked.  Gee, he’s available, he’s a great actor,…maybe he could play himself?

Totally unable to claim any success with the American Economy, a desperate Obama calls on America’s walking Viagra Commercial for rescue. The White House Cartel that claims Republicans have a ‘War on Women’ will ‘honor’ a serial rapist and womanizer – former President Bill Clinton – and listen in rapture as he tells them why […]