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Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is the next Obama Flunky flung under the bus. Can’t wait to see what’s in her book,

Did Sebelius hear footprints behind her?  This afternoon

She was being interviewed long distance by Stan Miller of KWTV Channel 9 “News 9” Oklahoma City when his question about ObamaCare’s 64% unpopularity left her stunned and speechless. Has she been living in an insular dream world, – or has she realized that the scam is nearly over?   Of course, über-liberal elitists like Sebelius […]

Did Belarus Hack ObamaCare?

February 4th, 2014

Imagine!?!   Little Belarus may have beaten the Chinese? US Intelligence officials warned Kathleen Sebelius that her precious ObamaCare website software may have been infected by one of Belarus’s most famous hackers.

Sheer Genius!

November 9th, 2013

Obama hires the Four (4) Socialist Stooges to…

Websites For Dummies At HHS

November 2nd, 2013

Wonderful political theater: Tennessee Republican State Senator Brian Kelsey       from East Memphis gives Abortion Queen Sebelius a self-help book. From the look on her face, – I’m ~ guessing ~ she’s a tad ungrateful..?

Pardon my English folks,  but the architect of of the ObamaCare Website Debacle is nothing short of an arrogant elitist bitch! Listen as she lies about the website’s problems,  about the contractors she hired to build it,  – and as she tells reporters she works for Obama,  – not us!    I ~ guess ~ […]

The defining hallmarks of Obama: Arrogance, Over-Reach, Ineptitude, and BLAME!  First, ram a Ponzi Scheme down the throats of trusting Democrats.  Next plan a single website to harvest the personal data of 310 Million Americans. Then hire a foreign company to built it.   What could ~ possibly ~ go wrong?

Just HOW young is too young Yer Honor?  Why do Parents Rights stop at your bench? US District Judge Edward R Korman rules that girls of ANY AGE must have unquestioned / unfettered over-the-counter access to the Plan B Morning After birth control pill. He even called the Government’s attempts to stall the decision “intolerable […]

Watch what happens when one of the 2010 Tsunami Congressmen – who is also a well-schooled and conservative leaning attorney – crosses swords with Obama’s Abortion Queen – Kathleen Sebelius. Can you tell which one came prepared, and which one operates from an ideological fantasy land?