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Elizabeth Warren (aka Senator Squaw) has been spending the past 2 days “apologizing” because she claimed to be an Indian – but “…was not a Tribal Member”. Democraps always ‘apologize’ when they get caught…. Except for Stan Rosenberg’s former gay husband Bryan Hefner.  Bryan wants part of Stan’s retirement check – and his health benefits….

God Help Massachusetts

December 10th, 2013

When a candidate as decent and moderate as Frank Addivinola can only get 32% – against a lifetime über-socialist – who refused even to debate, – political thinking and general intelligence here has clearly sunk to that of a third-world country clamoring for a dictator. If you’re an ‘Independent’ or a ‘so-called Republican’ who didn’t […]

Trail Of Tears? Tail Of Lies?

September 9th, 2012

Now even Mass State Senator Katherine Clark of Melrose has withdrawn support. Too bad we can’t see all of Obama’s papers and records too….